Rover Transitions

Posted By: Jordan Byrd  On : July 23 2020
Rover transitions

Introducing BHA’s Rover-Transitions.


When it comes to Stars and HEDIS®, health plans can’t always assume the network is addressing every gap in care.  Sometimes you need your own staff to work the phone to get the job done.  You can try to run a campaign from spreadsheets, or you can try to adapt an overly complex care management system that doesn’t really solve the right problem.  But if you want to maximize results with minimal effort, the best solution is a system that is designed specifically for the campaign yo

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Update on the CMS 2020 Announcment

Posted By: Jordan Byrd  On : June 04 2020
Impact weight 2020

CMS is changing Star Ratings.  The Member Experience and Access categories are jumping from 1.5x to 2.0x this fall.  That’s significant, but the really big news in the Final Rule released on Friday May 22 (2020) is that they’ll be jumping again to 4x next year.  What will the impact of that move be?  Read on to learn more.

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Ocular Demo June 12,2020

Posted By: Jordan Byrd  On : June 01 2020

BHA Ocular uses character recognition to search for keywords in charts to take your abstractors directly to the relevant pages and allows them to quickly adjudicate charts in line.  We will be hosting a demo of the product on Webex on Friday June 12th from 2-3 pm ET.   Some features of Ocular include:


  • Faster Abstraction
  • Less Typing
  • Ease of use
  • Machine guidance
  • Flexibility
  • Fast 100% Overread 
  • Supplemental Data Options
  • Browser Based Tool 
  • Keeps Records In House
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Impact on CMS 2020 Final Rule

Posted By: Jordan Byrd  On : May 27 2020
Impact on cms 2020 final rule

In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a final rule that implements a subset of the proposals from the February 18, 2020, proposed rule (85 FR 9002) related to Part-C and Part-D  measures. These changes included:

  • Not requiring HEDIS and CAHPS measure submission for 2020
    • They will replace the CMS 2020 Star Rating Measures based the on the HEDIS and CAHPS data from 2019.
  • Remove the Part-C Rheumatoid Arthritis measure
  • Modify the classification of the Statin Use in
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Details on CMS 2020 Announcment

Posted By: Jordan Byrd  On : May 21 2020
Cms update covid


On April 6, 2020 CMS announced significant to star ratings changes due to COVID-19:

  • HEDIS uses 2018 Dates of Service for 2021 Star Ratings.
  • CAHPS uses 2018 Dates of Service for 2021 Star Ratings.
  • Possibly of foregoing a 2020 HOS survey and use last year's results for the 2022 and 2023 Star ratings.


In the April Call Letter, CMS confirmed the f

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