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SAaaS for Health Plans

Dashboards, Education, Gap Analysis, Insight, Strategy

When you think of Star Ratings, what comes to mind? Are you a clinician who would rather make medical decisions than spend time on reporting? Are you a finance guy who knows you need a higher rating to turn a profit? Are you the Quality Director and just don’t have the team internally who can support your planning and management? Or is it all just a big high stakes game with obscure and shifting rules?

We do Star Ratings for Medicare Advantage. That’s it. All of our analytics, financial models, HEDIS® apps, and enrollment maps are all geared towards helping MA plans excel on Stars.

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What We Offer

  • Strategic Planning
  • Stars Dashboards and Other Applications
  • Education
  • Concierge-type ongoing support
  • Project Consulting
  • HEDIS® abstraction and strategy support

Our Stars Applications

Interactive Planning Tools

  • Stars Planner

    Test out the What Ifs for different scenarios – if a measure improves, if CMS changes the rules, etc.

  • Reward Factor Calculator

    Calculate the Reward Factor and adjusted Star Ratings for all Stars Planner scenarios.

  • Scenario Manager

    Define timeseries , compare results under different scenarios, apply improvements to multiple contracts at once.

  • Crosstab Analysis

    Analyze the relationship between different measures.

  • Cutpoints and Outliers

    View cutpoint changes over time. Identify Tukey outliers. Make your own cutpoint predictions.

  • Score Upload & Dashboards

    Upload monthly predictive data. Report results over time.

Market Research

  • Company-State Analyzer

    Pull key information about parent organization, competitors, financials, county enrollment.

  • Stars Explorer

    View county level maps of Medicare enrollment, Star Ratings, Display Measures, Impacts of pending CMS Star Ratings changes, etc. Filter and display based on flexible criteria.

  • Plan Screener

    Define “your measures” prioritize all 700+ contract ids based on your ability to deliver financial value to the Medicare organizations.

  • Contract History Browser

    See Star Ratings data over multiple years for all contracts within a parent organization, view plan growth and contract mergers.

BHA Premium Subscription

A full subscription to BHA Premium gives you enterprise access to all of our Stars applications, support, tutorials and a set number of hours per month for research, questions, and custom reporting. This can be a great way to get immediate help without having to anticipate every question that will come up in a procurement process.

For health plans that do not need the full suite but still want access to the tutorials, maps or specific applications, we can also create a custom a custom package a-la-carte for specific applications or a limited number of users. Please fill out our information request form to schedule a demo and discuss options.

Please fill out our Information Form to Request Premium Subscription or schedule a demo.