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Medicare Star Ratings Consulting, Data Systems Design, Clinical Dashboards and Analytics, Quality Management, Population Health Strategy, Intervention Optimization.

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Medicare Star Ratings Consulting, Data Systems Design, Clinical Analytics, Quality Management, Population Health Strategy, Campaign Targeting.

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Medicare Star Ratings Consulting, Data Systems Design, Clinical Analytics, Quality Management, Population Health Strategy, Campaign Targeting.

Lots of companies can create a report, a file or a database. What makes us special is our range of skill from clinical strategy to software design and from analytics to execution. We have the nimbleness of a small company and the specialized knowledge one gets from creating a plan's Stars competency from scratch. Our philosophy is that you should always be looking for your next "best move" but also that Stars moves at a pace where you need the next and the next move queued up to execute before the opportunity closes. Baltimore Health Analytics can help. We will meet you were you are, fill in wherever help is needed, and pivot to wherever the opportunity is greatest.

Medicare Stars Data

Free tools to help you plan your Stars strategy and view the competitive landscape.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
Evaluate your current Star Ratings.

Triage measures to set realistic goals for each.

Drill into the Part C and Part D Improvement scores.

Inventory the tools, skills, systems and processes in place and needed for Stars.

Trace the flow of stars related data through your organization.

Chart a path to 4 Stars.

Prioritize the changes needed to get there.
Develop a long range vision for your stars operations.

Assess each existing process in detail to determine what is needed to optimize it for Stars.

Plan Create a detailed project plan for how to

Design the reporting regimen and controls that are appropriate for the organization and culture.

Quick Hits

Actively look for quick fixes and minor adjustments for immediate relief as an integral part of this phase.

Build the tools and systems. Tasks vary based on need.

Deploy vendors as needed.

Train and recruit staff to build out internal capabilities.

Start new clinical interventions.

Create data warehouses, systems, data exchanges, targeting criteria, reports and dashboards.

Optimize existing processes.

Implement reports, procedures and dashboards to monitor Stars.

Get to a steady-state where higher performance is the new normal and part of the plan's culture.






Phased Approach

Our 4 step approach can be tailored your specific needs. It all stars with a rapid initial evaluation that includes an analysis of scores, comparison of each measure to to peer averages with benchmarks, review of score and threshold trends, analysis of the 5x weighted improvement measures, and a review of current systems, interventions, targeting criteria, timeliness, data and operations.

Our goal is to get in and out with the evaluation as quickly as possible. To achieve that, Baltimore Health Analytics developed a "Stars Cookbook" that facilitates the review of your plan. This cookbook includes report templates, references, tips, powerpoint templates, and structured interview instruments for each area of your stars operation and strategy.

Some plans just need the evaluation report to accelerate their own internal quality improvement efforts. Others want our help planning and building out their Stars analytics and infrastructure. We will leverage your existing strengths and supplement it with our end-to-end strategic, analytical and technical skills.

Clinical Analytics

  Create real-time medication adherence tracking. Devise strategies that address data quality, timing, and measure quirks.   Apply analytics to your HEDIS® chart chase. Make sure your team is going all out for the members, providers and measures where there is still an opportunity to improve scores.
  Assign members to clinical campaigns. Automate eligibility lists for prioritizing members by likely differential impact and per member next best action.   Collate member and provider contact information across enrollment, claims, clinical and other systems to determine the most up to date, second best, etc.
  Turn your claims and enrollment data into a robust clinical data warehouse.   Create dynamic member eligibility for you clinical intervention strategy.
  Build daily updated quality measures eligibility and numerator tracking into your existing datawarehouse. Create proxy measures from available data.   Create a daily/weekly admission tracking dashboard with trends by condition and source of admission.
  Build out automated dashboards for clinical trends including costs, hospitalizations and readmissions.   Deep dive into your "potentially avoidable hospitalization" data to identify trends,causes and risks.



Founder, CEO, Software Architect

Jeff has spent 20 years as a software developer, architect, analyst, and as a health plan leader. He is our resident expert on Star Ratings - from analysis and strategy to reporting, data and algorithms.     in


Director of Healthcare Quality Consulting

Kathy Lester comes to BHA with a long career in Healthcare Quality Improvement. She has 20+ years of HEDIS experience, as well as expertise related to CAHPS and HOS execution and improvement. Kathy has been working with Medicare Advantage Star reporting since its inception, both from within a healthplan and as an Improvement Consultant.


Lead Engineer - Analytics

Pushpa leads the analytics, reporting and data algorithm development. She has 6 years in the healthcare industry and addition to Stars, she has created key reports and workflow tools for managing health plan nurses and pharmacy claims review.


Lead Engineer - UI

Bala has 14 years of software development, notably as an Open Source Architect, a Web Programmer and a Drupal Expert. At Baltimore Health Analytics, he leads the development of our web analytics and Stars tools.


Software Engineer

Imauri assists in the designing and implementation of our products by building efficient and reusable front-end systems and abstractions. She holds a business technology degree from UMBC.


Clinical Analyst

Jordan focuses on the front-end, creating intuitive and insightful tools to view and analyze Star Ratings. He holds an undergraduate degree from Morehouse College and a master’s from Tuskegee University.

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