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Cutpoint changes impact on 2020 Stars

Posted By: Jeff Schoenborn  On : November 16 2019

Cutpoint changes impact on 2020 Stars


How important are the 2020 cutpoint changes?  Did you get the scores you thought you were going to get? 


Many times a plan's projections are not in-sync with CMS' actual modifications.  


At BHA we asked ourselves what the overall impact of these changes were, and decided to crunch a few numbers.  We took 2020 scores and compared them with 2019 cutpoints, then counted how many times MA plans scored higher, lower or the same star rating.  Of the 16,093 individual ratings from 539 contracts, plans benefitted from the changes a total of 1,917 times.  That's the good news!  However, we also found these same plans were hindered by the changes 2, 515 times.


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