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Ocular | Baltimore Health Analytics


Computer Assisted Abstraction

A multi-user web-based OCR system that translates faxes and charts in a super efficient and fun way.

Quickly find your hits, extract them, QA them, and create a supplemental data source (SDS).

Our Assumptions

  •    Chart abstraction is more than just clinical terminology, colloquialisms, and finding keywords.
  •    Automation simplifies the process, but chart abstraction remains an interpretative task.
  •     Someday healthcare will be fax free, but we're just not there yet.

What are We Solving?

  • The challenge of quickly finding a hit without searching through pages of charts.
  • High accuracy must be achieved for HEDIS® audits.
  • Valuable time lost reviewing charts with missing information.
  • Reduce efforts reaffirming validated hits.
  • Time management issues related to ineffecient chart abstraction.
  • Decrease of repetitive tasks during a chase.


OCR guides abstractor to the right chart and right pages, with just a click.

Creates a database of validated hits that exports as a marked up chart or SDS.

Keep charts, members and gaps organized​.

Streamlines the documentation procedure​.

Designed with the user in mind for speed with checkpoints for accuracy.

Prioritize abstraction by quickly finding a hit.

Provides a powerful QA procedure saving the need to reopen and re-search each chart.​​

Scalable. Runs in your own environment.​

How It Works (For Example)

A health plan member had a colonoscopy performed in April of 2015

Since that test date the member has changed from Commercial to Medicare Advantage and has changed their PCP twice. Neither the patient nor his spouse are good historians.​

However, all PCPs involved with the member's care have been with your health plan for many years.

Utilizing BHA's Ocular tool, multiple pages of collected charts can be scanned in minutes. Instead of reading hundreds of pages, the abstractor is immediately directed to notes about the colonoscopy performed.