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Stars Analytics Marketing Support | Baltimore Health Analytics

SAaaS for Consultants

Let’s work together

There’s an art to running large consulting projects. It involves long sales cycles, detailed project planning, and a bench of consultants with a variety of skill sets ready to be deployed. That’s not us.

We’re more the tip of the spear. BHA can deliver the diagnosis and the strategy. We can be your expert’s expert and teach your consultants what they need to know about Stars to succeed.

Use BHA to Support Your Clients

  • SWOT analysis of your client's overall Stars position.
  • Leverage our educational material and Star insights for your team and as port of package delivered to the client.
  • Calculate the potential value of your solutions.
  • Incorporate geographic analysis ad graphs into your presentations.
  • Cross reference financial, enrollment, competition and quality KPIs.
  • Use BHA's Star Planner and related dashboards in the regular course of business.

Working with BHA

We try hard to be an easy company to deal with. BHA can be the subject matter experts to complete a team of business analysts, engineers and data scientists. But we can also enhance the value that niche consultants already bringing expertise in Medicare, Quality and Stars to health plans. Could you do more for your clients if you had our Stars analytics software available to you? Do you already have client relationships where you can best serve their needs with a partner? Do you want to get to a solution faster without having to reinvent the wheel for every client?

There are as many approaches to partnering as there are health plan needs. You can get license our tools yourself directly, or we can offer it in a package to your client. BHA can be your subcontractor or jointly bid on opportunities. Click here to schedule a demo or discuss specific needs or ways of working together.

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