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Stars Analytics Marketing Support | Baltimore Health Analytics

SAaaS for Health Plan Partners

Stars Analytics as a Service

Already have a Stars Analytics department? With expertise, tools, reports and dedicated staff? This may not be a fit.

We offer a very specialized type of outsourcing. It’s concierge-style consulting, but we made it simple and packaged it up like a software subscription. (the software, of course, is also included) You get all the benefits of an in-house team for a fraction of what you’d spend on a single FTE.

If your business helps plans boost their Star Ratings, you’ll want to make sure you’re marketing the right thing to the right plans and get credit for the impact you have. We can help you do that.

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You need this if.

  • You partner with Medicare Advantage Plans to serve Plan membership
  • Part of your product value is in Star Ratings
  • You don’t have the time, focus or the staff to fully develop the Stars piece

For Example

  • You know which measures you help improve but don’t know which plans might benefit financially from them.
  • You know the mechanics of your programs but want a Stars/HEDIS®/CAHPS expert to help build out the Stars piece.
  • You’re making a pitch to a specific plan and want a deep dive on their Stars and public financials to help preparation.
  • You want to find out where particular plans are clustered, where particular measures are underserved, etc.
  • You want to understand what the financial return is for closing gaps in care so that you can get a sense of the ROI from your offering.
  • You’re interested in similar analysis for Duals, SES characteristics, SDOH indicators, etc.

What You Get


  • Quick measure details
  • Searchable Plan and contract details
  • BHA Tutorials

Our Stars Applications

Interactive Planning Tools

  • Stars Planner

    Test out the What Ifs for different scenarios – if a measure improves, if CMS changes the rules, etc.

  • Reward Factor Calculator

    Calculate the Reward Factor and adjusted Star Ratings for all Stars Planner scenarios.

  • Scenario Manager

    Define timeseries , compare results under different scenarios, apply improvements to multiple contracts at once.

  • Crosstab Analysis

    Analyze the relationship between different measures.

  • Cutpoints and Outliers

    View cutpoint changes over time. Identify Tukey outliers. Make your own cutpoint predictions.

  • Score Upload & Dashboards

    Upload monthly predictive data. Report results over time.

Market Research

  • Company-State Analyzer

    Pull key information about parent organization, competitors, financials, county enrollment.

  • Stars Explorer

    View county level maps of Medicare enrollment, Star Ratings, Display Measures, Impacts of pending CMS Star Ratings changes, etc. Filter and display based on flexible criteria.

  • Plan Screener

    Define “your measures” prioritize all 700+ contract ids based on your ability to deliver financial value to the Medicare organizations.

  • Contract History Browser

    See Star Ratings data over multiple years for all contracts within a parent organization, view plan growth and contract mergers.

Support and Concierge

  • Priority support on all of the above applications.
  • Overnight support as needed.
  • Custom reports and analysis from our data warehouse.
  • Measure experts on call to answer questions w/particularly strong competency on HEDIS, CAHPS, HOS, Med Adherence
  • Analyst to deep dive review a company or hcontract for trends, SWOT, measure results, etc. to help you target your messaging.
  • Help reviewing your data interfaces with an eye towards Stars and HEDIS.
  • Stars expert who already knows Stars and takes the time to learns your company and your offerings.
  • Stars related research.
  • Training on-demand for your team.
  • Discuss your clients and prospects with confidentiality.

Some Real-World Examples

All of BHA’s senior leaders have worked at major health plans, and we continue to support plans with our other tools and consulting services. Along the way, we’ve had repeated requests for consulting projects from vendors because of our Stars expertise. Here are some real examples of projects big and small that we’ve done for various clients.

  • Client had developed their own ROI spreadsheet to use with their health plan clients. They wanted feedback – within 2 days – on whether it was reasonable and covered the right measures.
  • Client had extensive data collection on clinical forms.First we reviewed their forms to identify which Star measures (and other HEDIS® measures) could be closed. Then we helped select CPT codes for their interface with health plans.
  • Client had data showing that their program improved the underlying scores of two HOS Star measures. They wanted to show potential venture capital investors the potential market. BHA analyzed and calculated the potential Stars value for those two measures. They got their funding.
  • Client had an opportunity to present to a health plan consortium – but the topic had to be Star Ratings. BHA gave a 1-hour presentation to about 20 health plans using BHA’s Stars Planner. For an encore, BHA gave a second presentation to the same group with suggestions for Stars work in the first quarter of the year.
  • (a really hard project) Client wanted to know “what is the value of closing one gap” to help them price their product appropriately. BHA crunched publicly available Medicare bid data, population data and Stars results to calculate the incremental revenue per incremental 1% score on each Star measure. We estimated plans’ measure denominators for a per-gap result for all measures for all hcontracts, then analyzed how these were distributed.
  • (child’s play) Client was negotiating a pilot with a specific multi-hcontract health plan. They wanted to know how to tune their pitch to highlight the financial value and the measures the plan was most likely to be worried about. BHA analyzed their historical results to classify each contract’s likely goal (e.g. achieve 4 Stars, maintain 4.5 Stars) and cross-referenced the clients’ favorite measures with the plan’s Stars history.
  • Client wanted their field staff to be more Stars savvy. BHA developed and presented a 2-part training course on Stars basics up through measure calculation and using BHA’s free Stars Planner.
  • Client wanted a strategic evaluation of their entire clinical program and its impact on Stars. BHA reviewed all of their data collection practices and forms for 3 lines of businesses. We’ve done similar evaluations for several clients, actually but this was one that resulted in a 30 pages review.
  • Client wanted to know what pending changes CMS had announced and what that impact would be on Star Ratings. BHA created a quick calculator in Excel.
  • Client wanted to know which MAPD plans would benefit the most from their programs. We invented and validated a system to rank the plans based on Stars value and measure history for client’s target measures. This is now one of our automated tools. (Plan Screener)


  • Easy month by month subscription
  • Unlimited use of web applications
  • Per-company subscription
  • Up to 10 hours/month support
  • Double-hours allotment for the first 2 months

Please fill out our Information Form to Request Premium Subscription or schedule a demo.

Other Options

We think that a single all-inclusive subscription is a good fit for most companies in this space. It keeps contracting simple, gives you the advantage of everything that BHA has to offer and can flex as your needs shift without having to constantly write new SOWs. But we are also available for project-based work. Please provide details on our Information Request Form and we will get back to you with a quote.