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Chart Collection Fax Management


  Chart Collection Fax Management

Data collection saves time and lives by seamlessly integrating population health data. An EHR is a real-time record that makes health information available instantly and securely to authorized users.

EHRs are built to share medical notes with other healthcare providers and organizations – such as laboratories, specialists, medical imaging facilities.

Eliminates Paper Documents 

By substituting paperless electronic documents, fax management becomes an easier task to organize and manage.

Ensures Data Accuracy

Our user centered design focuses on providing a visual data-management tool to handle large volumes of documents.

Improves Patient Care 

Improved data accuracy leads to better decision making and ultimately better patient care.

Optimizes Existing EMR/EHR

Digitizing data collection and management creates a high level of accuracy with newly collected information and records.


Audit capabilities and readiness

Having an increased capability to process medical, member and provider information accurately is essential to data integrity and compliance.

Timely delivery options 

The ability to generate various files from charts collected creates a flexible way to send and recieve documents.

Full control of user permissions 

As a management tool PISCES gives the admin the power to customize privaledges for a particular working ecosystem.

  Discover How Pisces Works

Sending Your Faxes

Beautiful reports can be challange to create for many professionals, especially when displaying Stars at various points throughout the year.

With Pisces, prebuilt reports can be generated that help you to track rates, gaps, cutpoints, year over year progress, and the improvement measures. This results in an easy to send, interpret, and simple way to manage your Stars improvement through HEDIS®.

Consolidate Your Faxes by Location

Advanced filtering capabilties enable the user to easily group data based on location for a more seamless processing experience.

Organizing and Personalizing Your Faxes

Pisces was built from the perspective of the user. Being able to group and organize faxes has never been so simplistic and easy to use within a few clicks.

Tracking Status

We wanted to solve the problem of tracking the progress made thoughout the users work-flow while also keeping track of their completions vs. still in-queue. Pisces gives the user this capablity in a simplistic UI format.