Cutpoint changes impact on 2020 Stars

Posted By: Jordan Byrd  On : November 16 2019

BHA Stars Planner Charts Path to 4+ Stars

Posted By: Jordan Byrd  On : October 17 2019


We've all seen the articles flooding social and professional media, regarding the shift in enrollment weighted PDP contracts.  After all, it was a big move to 4-Star plans!

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Part-C 2019 Cut Points

Posted By: Jeff Schoenborn  On : October 26 2018

During our analysis of the 2019 Cut points, we decided to share our thoughts on the subject. Baltimore Health Analytics is a fast-growing start-up company focused on consulting, app development, and data analytics in the realm of Medicare analytics quality metrics. This year we decided to analyze  the new cut-point changes from 2018-2019 in Part-C metrics. 


The graphs below display the 2018 to 2019 percent change of cut-points for each measure in Part-C, displaying a separate graph for each Star Rating. The red bars pictured represent data for measures increasing in difficulty, i.e. higher thresholds; while green bars will represent data related to lower thresholds. Numerous factors may alter a measure’s outcome for a health plan. Therefore, it is important to analyze these changes for opportunities to improve measure scores and overall performance.

2 Stars

The most noticeable change for the 2-star cut-poi

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Now Including 2019 CMS Data

Posted By: Jeff Schoenborn  On : October 23 2018

Our new Tools Now Including the lastest  CMS Data. Demo our free tool today.

Stars planner

The BHA Stars Planner is updated with 2019 Medicare Star Ratings results and new measures! The tool is still completely free. Test scenarios for getting your h-contract to 4 Stars using peer contracts for comparison.

BHA is  pleased to announce that we've incorporated the newly released 2019 CMS Stars ratings data into our tool set. Who are the top performers? Who improved and declined? You can see all the details from UHG, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, Kaiser, Blue Cross, etc -- Star ratings for every measure in an interactive and easy use dashboard.

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Future Statin Measures Cutpoint Predictions

Posted By: Jeff Schoenborn  On : April 20 2018
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